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Mar 29, 2018

Welcome to this special, Spicy Spring Fling edition of Considering Happiness! 

For the next year I’m committing to consider the Science of Happiness and Well-Being and then fill the airwaves with as many stories and seasons, faces and places of genuine happiness as I possibly can. To explore ways I’ve never thought of that I might be able to add to my happiness backpack. To learn how to smile more and fear less. To learn a million more ways or even just one more potent way to feel GOOD more often over time. Thanks for joining me!

In this fast-moving episode, we’re going to explore what makes us happy and WHY it’s been proven make you more money and friends. No, really!

We’ll also play a game of Happiness Jeopardy, consider some truly unique Spring Festivals ranging from the “cheesy” to the spicy, and downright shocking, and we’ll conjure surprisingly scientific Patronus Charms.