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Mar 16, 2018

Welcome to this special Ides of March Edition of Considering Happiness!

Crunching on a Caesar salad as I consider cutting edge, snackable, yet satisfying reports from that seemingly elusive world of Happiness. 


For the next year I’m committing to explore filling the airwaves with as many faces and seasons, nuances and places of  happiness as I possibly can. To consider ways I’ve never thought of that I might be able to add to my happiness backpack. To learn how to smile more and fear less. To learn a million more ways or even just one more potent way to feel GOOD. Thanks for joining me!


In this fast-moving episode, we're going to explore the question of What IS happiness, actually? Why does happiness matter? And how can I experience more of it? We'll also time travel to Ancient China and Rome, listen to what dying people have to say, visit Well Seasoned Cannibals in New Guinea, discuss radical organ enlargement, explore some famous movie moments, and consider our first Tool for Creating Happiness.